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S07Ep11: Banks, Busts, and Brave New World



  • Weather Dominatrix

  • Just one rib

  • The Little Rascals

  • Show Cat

  • Making fun of Dead people

  • September 29th, 2027

  • President Carter

  • The Oscars

  • Michele Yeoh vs Don Lemon

  • Victimhood Pyramid

  • The Devil's Plan

  • CNBC is SO wrong

  • Go woke go broke - SVB Bank

  • Other banks gone - Signature and Silver Gate

  • Brave new world

  • $100B lost today

  • HP Printer stories

  • Dealing out of the trunk...

  • Goon's Psych Eval Plan

  • Debt Ceiling

  • Choke Slam!

  • Good news at Disney!

  • Live action Little Mermaid is bad

  • Jesus Freaks

  • Brie Larson and Nissan



Categories | comedy | political


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