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Three guys who like to get together weekly and discuss current events, politics, conspiracy theories and stuff that makes us laugh

S03Ep43: Parting Thoughts Before Thanksgiving



  • Don't be a baby

  • Siberian Express is off to work

  • Filipino Coffee

  • Caribao

  • The Chief services The Hurricane

  • Goon's nose update

  • Shoutout to Darth Gator!

  • Paint disposal

  • Goon's college fridge

  • A Disney state of mind...

  • Christmas decor

  • Jimmy Durante

  • Unsocial media

  • College kids give up their phones for a week

  • iPhone release 13 sadness

  • T2 speeding

  • Gunny and Browning smoked fish

  • Hush-a-booms

  • Geek fun with construction equipment

  • Disney Fast Pass explained






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