We are going to need a bigger boat

Three guys who like to get together weekly and discuss current events, politics, conspiracy theories and stuff that makes us laugh

S03Ep16: Everything is Awesome!



  • The Carpenters

  • Stately Goon Manor

  • Canine Protective Force

  • Bad News for The Goonmobile

  • The DC Metro

  • The "7000" Series Trains

  • Long walk to registration

  • Germ Warfare Panel


  • Start Trek vs Star Wars

  • Princess Bride¬†- Panel

  • Star Trek The Next Generation -¬† Panel

    • Wil Weaton

    • Jonathan Frakes

    • Bent Spiner

    • Dr Crusher

    • Marina Sirtis

  • Chief meets Johnny from Cobra Kai/Karate Kid (William Zabka)

  • The Goon makes new friends at the concessions

  • The Weinermobile!

  • Sgt Slaughter is NOT dead


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