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S02Ep22: Doctors, Deluges, and Disney



  • Crutch tries organ removal as a weight loss plan
  • Goon-child has a medical procedure without issues - yay


  • Elliott  city floods again 


  • The Chief and Crutch ask Goon about Disney's performance in firing Rosanne and hiring Keith Oberman.

A LOT of other stuff

  • Hurricane and Goon-child took all the car keys and left The Goon under house arrest
  • The Chief blames Goon for breaking The Chief's lawn mower before he even gets it.
  • Crutch's son fails to come up with a name for himself on the show...
  • They are building the Wall in California!
  • Annailation movie - sucked
  • Goon walks out on Brosnan in Bond movie
  • Goon didn't like Reds either
  • Local baseball team and performance...

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