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S02Ep20: Good days and bad days ....



  • The Chief and Crutch discuss their new office space, the Freezer...
  • Tomorrow is Crutch's birthday!
  • Crutch gave props to his lovely wife who provided a wonderful
  • Thanksgiving dinner before the show.
  • Crutch's medical update - he volunteers to do the show while under the knife!
  • Goon regaled us with his not-so-relaxing day off for his birthday and his tale of automobile woes.Three dead cars at the same time - wow.
  • We've added a new anonymous contributer; Goon's neighbor, Jacki Stewart!
  • The Hurricane gets abandoned in Atlanta (Thanks Southwest Airlines)
    The Chief and Crutch get into a side argument about "Dolls" vs "Robots" ...
  • The Chief laments that he only gets control of one episode a month (the most popular episode evey month mind you)
  • Crutch commits the cardinal sin of spewing coffee ...
  • The Goon wonders the logic behind DC Metro's plans for fixing the blue line...
  • Crutch apologies AGAIN for missing spoiler alerts when discussing West World with Engineer 4Quarts.
  • Crutch describes the olefactory onslaught from the office bathrooms ...
  • The Chief and Crutch discuss the socialist ideas of Ben Jealous who is running for Governor.
  • The boys are thrilled with the new Director of Central Intelligence!
  • The boys briefly talk about The AC, her trip to Australia, and the possible back brace...
  • The Chief wonders how it is that pasty mass shooters seem to be taken into custody yet some folks seem to be shot just for being less pasty...


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