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Episode 16: Are Benefits a Human Right?


The Chief and The Goon are NOT on Vacation!

Benefits and how this all happened 

Crutch's Vacation By The Numbers...

  • 5,902 - miles flown to and from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • 18 - Number of adult beverages Crutch consumed on vacation
  • 12 - Number of people Crutch went on vacation with
  • 6 - number of minutes lady flirted with male flight attendant instead of using the restroom she stood in front of on our flight home
  • 4 - number of times Crutch was stung by stingrays 
  • 2 - number of White House firings while I was gone
  • 0 - number of days of vacation The Chief will allow Crutch  to take in the future before The Chief quits

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