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Episode 11: Conspiracies Political, Biological, and Extra-Terrestrial


The Goon is Back!

The Goon tries to explain why he missed two weeks and
then complains about food prices at the house of the mouse.


The Chief proposes that Former Director Comey  is a Time Lord...

Comey releases notes BEFORE the Tweets from POTUS that supposedly caused him to do it.

5/11 - Comey leaks to get a Special Investigator

5/12 - POTUS Tweet that supposed pushed Comey to do it


Free Energy Man!

Crutch explains how he's become an expert on quantum mechanics in an effort to avoid inappropriate office antics by co-workers. This make him the one to discuss the suppression of this clean free energy by the government and Big Energy.

John Searl's Searl Effect Generator

The Chief's run-in with Big Energy is in the form of Commando Squirrels.

The Goon's avoids this via Goon hounds and one pissed off  cat.


Women don't need men, well, not of the man that is ...

New study shows women are collecting dna so men will become non-essential ...



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