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Episode 8: Some People Need To Be Fired


Goon's Daughter Graduates!

Crutch suggests Goon and family wipe the dust of Montgomery County Schools from their feet

People Needing to be Fired

Insensitive Teachers

Some teachers in Texas thought this was funny.

"D" List Celebrities 

Kathy Griffin pulls a publicity stunt and doubles down on stupid by lawyering up.  Turns out she's free for the rest of the year.


Because raising taxes never affects peoples decisions ... the Governer of Connecticut raises small business taxes.

Sports Franchise Owners

Dan Snyder  sold old airline peanuts and beer in the bathrooms on his way to destroying the Washington Redskins.

Municipal Utility Folks

Goon has a run-in with a ZZTop wannabe digging up the lawn at Goon Manor

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