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Episode 7: It's a CONSPIRACY MAN!!


Audio Engineer's Note:

Only after the recording was completed did we realize The Chief's mic was set too low. Our very amateur audio engineer (Crutch) did his best to make The Chief audible without sounding too much like he was phoning it in from Kazakstan. The problem has already been corrected for next week.



The Chief exposes the governments attempt to control weed.


What folks are doing with the sexy ones and the killer ones.


Goon is convinced Marilyn Monroe died because of aliens.

(Editor's note: Marilyn's last movie was called "Somthing's Gotta Give" and was unfinished at the time of her death)

We all briefly touch on Covfefe which is obviously alien.

Crutch found out even rich folks believe in aliens and wonders could the British Monarchy (amongst other seats  of political and economic power) be run by human-alien hybrids?

Probes (alien and otherwise)

The Goon pulls his tin-foil hat on tight for a chat about satellites and other probes.


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