We are going to need a bigger boat

Three guys who like to get together weekly and discuss current events, politics, conspiracy theories and stuff that makes us laugh

S02Ep35: End-of-the-Month Roundtable



  • Chief is look for a new job ... and Crutch is heading out too ...

  • The car analogy

  • Transmission stories ... Goon and Crutch compare notes...

  • Compressed work schedules

  • Chief's family on vacation ... and the international incident nearby

  • (Ras)Putin - does Grigori look like Vlad?

  • Samba? Martial arts, dance style, or software

  • Scary AI - and AI making the next generation ...

  • Another Terminator movie?

  • Spaceballs!

  • John Wayne movies - Spoiler Alert

  • Jack Ryan series on Amazon

  • Comic talk

  • McDonalds'

  • US-Mexico trade aggreement

  • Peter Dinklidge

  • Conference of Conservative Thought

  • The Press Pounces!

  • Antifa need to stop hiding behind masks

  • AI would be better finding the missing plane.


Categories | comedy | conspiracy


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